President’s Message – May 2016

By the time this “goes to print”, the Hamfest will be a distant memory (of at least a day or two…), and elections will be here. All eligible WARC members should have received an email to allow voting electronically via Survey Monkey, and of course paper ballots will be available at the General Meeting on May 5th. Please be sure to vote either way, as this is your chance to have a voice in the operation and direction of the club. And we supply the pizza!
Beginning with this months’ meeting, we’ll turn our focus towards our Field Day 2016 preparations, with final prep culminating at the June meeting. Doc W3GAD has already begun lining up Band Captains and making the arrangements for another successful event. And who could forget coordinating with Mark AA3K and Marianne KA2VJO about the smorgasbord of food that keeps us fueled for the duration – after all, the generators aren’t the only things that need to be well-fed to operate properly! If you’ve never attended a Field Day, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite radio activities, as it offers everything in one weekend: operating opportunities of all types (HF, VHF, pile-ups, lonely overnight CQ’s, etc.), great camaraderie with fellow hams, sharpening your
set-up and operating skills, as well as presenting Amateur Radio to the public in an active and positive way. I look forward to this every year, and I think once you’ve experienced it, you will, too.
I want to congratulate everyone who participated in WARC’s NPOTA event at Valley Forge National Park (HP46) and worked support for the Revolutionary Run. It appears that you represented WARC and Amateur Radio exceptionally well, and had a great time doing it! Special thanks to Irwin KD3TB and Guy WA3JZN for their work in leading the efforts.
This month’s meeting topic will be a recap of the Hamfest, and of course the elections. See you there!
de Tony, W3FLH