special service club

The Warminster Amateur Radio Club Inc.

Warminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

WARC is a general purpose amateur radio club and its over 135 members are involved in all aspects of amateur radio. We make a special effort to participate in providing communications support for public service events, teaching classes for those who wish to obtain an amateur radio license or upgrade their license privileges and serving as Volunteer Examiners as part of the ARRL VEC program. The club was founded in 1964 and has been designated an ARRL Special Service Club since 1984.

CLUB 2 METER NET– WEDNESDAYS 8:00 PM 147.090 +  pl 131.8  FM Repeater

WARC 50Yr Anniversary Mug

WARC 50th Anniversary Mug $5.00
Ask membership at any meeting to purchase

10 METER NET – SUNDAYS 8:00 PM 28.445 USB

Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the Month
@ Ben Wilson Senior Center, Warminster 

April 2017 Feedback

WARC Elections – May 4th 2017

Bus Trip To ARRL

WARC is sponsoring a bus trip to ARRL HQ in Newington, CT on Tuesday April 4, 2017. This will be an all-day trip, leaving early in the morning (before 6:00am) and returning in the evening (approx. 8:00pm). Travel cost will be $55.00/person; attendees are responsible for their own expenses (food/drink, souvenirs, etc.). If you’ve never been to HQ, it’s something every ham should experience once. There will be a tour of the inner workings of the League, including the lab, QST production, incoming/outgoing QSL bureau, and more. And don’t forget the opportunity to operate the world-famous station at W1AW. Sit down in one of the studios, get comfortable, and be prepared to be on the “other end” of the pile up! All hams are welcome, you need not be a member of WARC to attend. If you belong to another club, or join in various nets, please be sure to let others know about this event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here. For more info, or to reserve your spot, contact Tony Cuttone W3FLH: w3flh@arrl.net or (267) 679-9297.

Questions? Contact Us at 267-702-4355

Mailing Address:
Warminster Amateur Radio Club  
Box 113  
Warminster, PA 18974