President’s Message – August 2019

Well, the “Dog days” of August are upon us. The past couple of weeks have been your typical Delaware Valley summer weather, hot and sticky. A lot of my work as a general contractor requires me to be outside, depending on the job. I’m glad to have the com-fort of an air-conditioned shack to retreat into so I can enjoy the hobby.

August also is a “slow” time in the activities of our club. All the events of the spring, Hamfest, Field Day and elections are now over. I would like to welcome to the board Marty, NR3Z who will serve as Vice-President and to Norm, AB3ZZ who takes over as Secretary. Mary, KC3KJZ will be taking on the responsibility as Membership Chair. We will soon be starting the plans for the fall and winter activities for the club.

One thing that is happening now is the shift of the Club’s previous message boards to So far, the switch seems to be happening with no major problems. Our previous board was a Yahoo Groups and Yahoo has been cutting back on support for this service which is why the change is taking place. Various other groups that I belong to, along with other board members, have already made the switch. All the other switch over’s that I have been a part of have been seamless and it looks like ours will be the same. If you are already a member of other groups on the WARC group will just appear in your list of groups. If you are new to you should have received an email inviting you to join the new group. We will have computers and people at the next meeting to help you if you have any questions about the conversion. If you have a question or need help signing in, bring your email and password to the meeting and we will help you sign up. In a few weeks, we will be shutting down all previous message boards. So, we encourage you to join us on so that you can stay up to date on all club activities as well as discussions between our club members. Thanks to Brandon, N3UO for all his work in making the switchover a success.

73, George, KC3ESH