President’s Message – April 2016

Winter is behind us, Spring is in the air, and WARC is gearing up for a boat(anchor)load of activity! Mike WJ3O has the Hamfest preparations well in hand (May 1); Irwin KD3TB is finalizing the plans for our activation of Valley Forge National Park for NPOTA (April 17); Doc W3GAD has started fitting out the particulars for Field Day (June 25 & 26); and in between all of those events, it’s that time of the year for us hams to check/repair/install our spectacular arrays of aluminum and copper!

This time of year also brings our annual elections of Club Officers to the fore. Bill K3FMQ has once again led our nominating com- mittee in the search for volunteers to help steer WARC toward the future. If you have a desire to become more active in the leader- ship of the club, and would like to run for club office, please touch base with Bill at this month’s meeting. And, as in all elections, don’t forget to vote!

This month’s meeting topic will be focusing on the final prep for Hamfest, as well as shoring up things for our NPOTA activity. See you there!

de Tony, W3FLH 73