The Warminster Amateur Radio Club maintains an open 2 meter club repeater (available to all licensed amateurs of technician class or above) on 147.09+ (PL131.8). The repeater is linked to the 53.230- (PL 146.2), 6 meter repeater in Quakertown.
The club also maintains a 440 Yaesu Fusion  repeater on 443.95+, located in Hilltown Pa.

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Warminster Repeater System Power Point Presentation

Area Repeaters

Bucks and Montgomery County Repeaters
LocationFreqoffsetCallClubTone and Features
Fairless Hills53.030-W3BXWBEARSo (t=3B) RB WX (ca) R A O
Quakertown53.230-K3MFIW Rockhill 6o (t=4B) R A
Warminster53.370-K3MFIWarmSixo (t=3B) (ca)
Doylestown145.250-AB3YZo (t=2A) (ca) SNP
Morrisville145.250-WB0YLEo (t=1A) (ca) e LiTZ SNP
Perkasie145.310-W3AIRF Hill ARCo (t=3B) (ca) e
Hilltown145.330-W3HJHiPointRAo (t=3B) (ca) e
Doylestown145.350-WA3EPAWRC ARCo (t=3B) WX (ca) e R
Southampton146.790-W3SKPWAo (t=3B) (ca) R A
Upper Bucks146.805-N3ITNo (t=3A) RB
Warrington147.000+WA3ZIDo e
Warminster147.090+K3DNWARCo (t=3B) L (ca) e R A
Fairless Hills147.300+W3BXWBEARSo (t=3B) L RB WX e R A O
Hilltown147.390+W3HJCBRAo (t=1Z) (ca) e
Warminster223.760-K3NALNAWC ARCo (t=7Z) L a e
Feasterville223.800-N3SPo (t=3B)
Chalfont223.900-W3DBZo (t=1B) e
Morrisville224.540-WB0YLEo (t=4A) L e
Hilltown224.580-W3CCXPackratso t e
Feasterville224.980-WB3BLGPARA Groupo
Hilltown442.900+W3HJHighpointRAo (t=3Z) e
Springtown442.950+W3BXWBEARSo (t=3B) L RB WX (ca) e R A O
Quakertown443.200+WA3KEYBLURAo (t=2A) (ca) e
Warminster443.950+K3DNWARCo (t=3B) (ca) e R A
Bensalem444.200+W3BXWBEARSo (t=3B) L RB WX (ca) R A O
Fairless Hills447.125-WA3BXWBEARSo (t=DPL) L RB WX (ca) R A O
Plumsteadville447.975-KB3AJFo (t=3B) (ca) e
Southampton448.225-W3SKPWAo (t=3B) R A
Plumstead449.725-K3BUXUpperBucksRCo (t=4Z) e R A
Hilltown927.313-K3BUXUBRCo (t=DPL 131) e R A
Morrisville927.650-WB0YLEo (t=4A) L e
West Rockhill927.863-KS3Zo (t=3B) e
Schwenksville51.940-AA3REo (t=YB) e
Eagleville53.110-AA3EMontco OEPo t (ca) e R A
Souderton145.190-N3ZATARAo (t=3B) (ca) e R A O
Stowe145.250-KB3OZCo (t=1Z) e SNP
Wyndmoor146.610-K3PDRPDRAo L e R A O D-Star
Meadowbrook146.715-WA3UTIHRH-ARCo (t=3B) WX (ca) e O
Eagleville146.835-AA3EMontco OEPo (t=YB) (ca) e R A
Horsham147.165+K3JJODELMONT R.C.o (t=5B)
Hatfield147.330+WA3RYQH.A.R.A.o L (ca) e
Abington223.760-WA3DSPo (t=3B) L e
Norristown223.860-N3CDPPARA Groupo
Fairview Village224.200-N3CVJo (t=YB) e
Wyncote224.380-N3FSCo (t=1B) (ca) e
Bryn Mawr224.420-WB3JOEMidAtlARCo (ca) e R A
Eagleville440.019+AA3EMontcoRACESo L WX e R A O D-Star
Meadowbrook443.150+WA3UTIHRH-ARCo (t=3B) L WX (ca) e O
Horsham444.550+WA3TSWo (t=1Z)
Wyndmoor445.181-K3PDRPDRAo L WX e R A O D-Star
UpperPotsgrove445.825-W3PSMETRO-COMMo (t=5A) L RB WX a e LiTZ
Norristown448.675-N3CBo (t=3B) (ca)
Green Lane449.125-AA3EMontco OEPo (t=YB) L WX e R A O
Eagleville449.925-K3CXo (t=1Z)
Eagleville1255.575+AA3EMontcoRACESo L WX e R A O D-Star


This chart shows each PL tone's two-character alphanumeric designator and corresponding tone frequency in Hertz.

Operational Codes describing Repeater’s Features

o     Open (usually carrier-operated)
c     Closed repeater
t     Access requires CTCSS tone (PL) (t=xx)
L    Repeater is linked to other repeaters
RB  Repeater is equipped with a Remote Base
WX    Emergency Weather Nets held on this repeater
Open Autopatch is available (* up, # down)
(ca)  Closed Autopatch (members only; requires code)
e   Connected to Emergency Power Source
R   RACES affiliated
A  ARES affiliated
O  OEM affiliated
LiTZ  Long-Tone-Zero supported for emergency  assistance
bi  Bi-Lingual (non-English conversations acceptable)

This is just a small sampling of what is found on the ARCC web page. Visit their site for a wealth of repeater information.